Tofu spring rolls

I love these! So fresh and perfect for a quick summer lunch. I usually stuff these with tofu, cilantro, pepper slices, avocado & sesame seeds. This time I added edamame. I dip them in peanut sauce or soy sauce. So good!

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Easy tofu stir fry for lunch

Easy tofu recipe: Add Pam to a skillet & saute the tofu cubes with some soy sauce. Steam brocolli, cauliflower and edamame. Open a can of chickpeas and put it all together. Top with sesame seeds & a bit of peanut sauce I got at the grocery store…. see? Low fat and E-A-S-Y 🙂

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Tonight’s Caprese Salad

caprese salad

Our dinner

I was not born with a green thumb. For many years I resisted having any plants for the fear that I would kill them. From time to time I would buy plants, but I would always end up drowning them from watering them too much. This year my husband and I decided to grow an edible garden. We only planted tomatoes, basil, peppers, parsley strawberries and lavender. Tonight I am proud to say that we had Caprese salad made with our hard labor.

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